The transport basket is divided into a turnover box (without mesh) and a turnover basket (with mesh). Since the turnover basket is basically made of plastic, the turnover basket is also called a plastic basket. Revolving baskets are mostly used in industrial assembly line circulation and storage stacking, and revolving boxes and plastic pallets are combined into three industrial treasures. Revolving baskets are now turning around and spreading across agricultural properties, replacing bamboo baskets to hold fruits and vegetables.

1. Classification

Turnover baskets are divided into mesh stackable, mesh stackable, blockable stackable, and blockable stackable. They are suitable for stacking, production lines, and internal meshes in the factory area. After use, space can be throttled. The mesh type can only stack solid items, and the blocking type can stack solid items and liquid items. Disposable plastic basket. The turnover basket can also be divided into the ordinary turnover basket and an anti-static turnover basket by function.

2. Materials

There are two types of high-density low-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP). The texture is solid, the cold resistance is excellent, the chemical fluctuation is very high, it can resist acid and alkali and organic flux, non-toxic, and tasteless. It has special electrical functions, excellent radiation resistance, and high heat resistance temperature.

3. Features

Economic (recyclable), environmental protection (protection of ecological conditions), sanitation (acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, moisture resistance, moth resistance), safety (no nails, no radiation, no odor), convenient (no repairs required, easy to carry).




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