Blow-molded products and injection molded products are also plastic products produced by plastic processing equipment. What is the difference between them?

1. Different production and processing techniques
Blow-molded products are blown by a blow-molding machine to inflate the plastic parison closed in the mold into corresponding plastic hollow blow-molded products by gas pressure.

Injection molding products are plastic materials that are melted by an injection molding machine and then injected into the mold cavity for injection molding.
The difference between blow molded products and injection molded products

2. Different raw materials
The raw materials of blow-molded products are usually polyethylene, thermoplastic polyester, and other materials with good stability. Such as HDPE, PE, PP, etc.
The raw materials for injection molded products are usually thermoplastics or thermosetting materials.

3. Different fields of application
The volume of blow-molded products is relatively large, generally above 100L. Common blow molded products are:
Large water tanks, buckets, plastic trays, solar liners, septic tanks, mobile toilets, chemical barrels, plastic tabletops, etc.

The volume of injection products is relatively small, generally in milliliters, ranging from a few milliliters to tens of liters. Common injection products are:
Cosmetic bottles, beverage bottles, children’s toys, medicine containers, etc.
The difference between blow molded products and injection molded products

4. The quality of the products is different
Blow molding products produced by blow molding technology have a reliable and stable quality, long service life, and can process plastic products with complex molding structures. The cost of blow molding equipment is lower than that of injection molding. The production cost of blow molding products is also more cost-effective.

The injection-molded products produced by injection molding technology have high strength and high precision. The products produced do not require additional trimming procedures, but equivalent to blow-molded products, the production process of injection molded products consumes much energy and the production cost is relatively high. high.

Some plastic molding product manufacturers may struggle with which molding processing method to choose for their plastic products. This depends on everyone’s product demand, whether it is a large product or a small product.

As for which of blow-molded products and injection molded products is better, there is no accurate answer. It still depends on which molding technology is suitable for the products produced. Baoyan Chengxiang Plastic Co., Ltd. has 24 years of industry experience. It has injection molding and blow molding machines and supports product customization.

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