Plastic Drying Tray for confectionery and softgel curing.

    The conventional method of drying gummy candies after molding involves is to spread a layer of starch on the metal / wooden tray to prevent the gummies from sticking to the metal tray.

    While this process facilitates the solidification of gummies, it is inherently wasteful and harmful to the environment.The use of starch and gelatin, as well as traditional softgel drying will require large amounts of water, electricity and other resources, leading to pollution and depletion of natural resources.

    There are some weakness when using a metal trays to drying the gummies.

     - First, the drying efficiency is reduced because of the solid base design, it can't be get the balanced air flow from all sides.

     - The drying cost is higher because of it's unable interlocked stacked design, the drying rack must be needed.

     - Gummy Flavors and colors will be also affected because of it's easily oxidized.

    BYPC plastic drying tray has revolutionized the gummy candy industry, offering a sustainable, energy-efficient, and water-saving alternative to traditional drying methods.Shallow slot-vented gummy tray provides fastest cooling and curing times.What's more, The special willow way vented holes solved the biggest issues that the marks will leave on the gummies.

    If you are looking for high-quality candy drying trays or confectionery trays that speed up your production levels with faster drying times then BYPC have the perfect product for you.


    Gummy Drying Tray

    Size:L820 x W400x H69mm

    Chinese machinery manufacturer is accustomed to using this drying tray to match their gummy production line.

    In order to enables even and faster drying, reducing the overall drying time and energy consumption significantly.

    BYPC designed with small perforations or raised ridges that allow air to circulate freely around the gummy candies.

    Made from 100% virgin PP for safe use in regulated industries. comply with the requirements from America FDA and

    BPA FREE. The self-locking structure makes trays more stable when stacked. Legs at the bottom stabilize the trays while providing more air flow.

    For cost and operational stability considerations, this kind of double stacked stainless steel handle cart is more recommended for moving the trays.


    Confectionery Drying Tray

    Size: #1 760x405x124mm

    #2 770x405x105mm

    #3 775x405x64mm

    Confectionery drying trays are an indispensable addition to your confectionery making supplies.

    This 3 sizes of drying trays all mostly widely used in Confectionery industry.

    They have same features, the shallow slot-vented design helps for getting more air flow which can provides fastest cooling and curing times.

    Eliminating sprays, disposable pan liners and clean up issues for sticky edibles or other confectionery products. Conveniently sized,  compared to metal trays, it is no more loud, denting and hard to clean sheet pans or smell of oxidizing aluminum.

    The interlocked design make itself a drying rack which helps for space saving.

    Only difference is the height of the trays,  different height can be used in different applications based on different needs of customers.  

    1. 760x405x124 mm, most customer choose this one for drying heavy weight or large volume foods.

    2. 770x405x105 mm, most customers choose this one as a chocolate drying tray

    3. 775x405x64mm, this one easy handling size makes this one most cost effective, much more space saving. Most customers choose this one as the gummies/ jelly beans drying tray.

    All trays can be stacked over 8 feet (2.5m) high without a rack system.When you add our optional durable single or double tray dolly you get a candy drying rack without height restrictions!


    Softgel Drying Tray

    Size:L760 x W490x H55mm

    Softgel Food/Medicine drying tray (stacking gelcap drying trays) with its trolley are necessary for every softgel encapsulation factories.

    Made from superior quality and food grade PP material, It stacks easily and stably.

    Compared to other solid flat bottom trays on the market, BYPC drying trays make drying more efficient.

    And it will not cause the capsule to deform due to contact with the bottom of the tray when it is cured.

    BYPC drying trays will maintain the capsule’s curved shape.

    Because of its good ventilation, moisture exhausting fast and easy cleaning, these make it the most popular softgel curing tray.

    Support matching cart customization services

    1. Matching carts customized based on the sizes and the structure of the trays

    2. Matching carts customized based on customers' requirements on the loading bearing, budget etc.

    3. various materials with different cost can be selected  ( 304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, plastics materials for choosing) 


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