Plastic solutions for Poultry slaughtering 

    Application: meat and poultry sector

    The meat industry is one of the sectors with the highest demands for plastic logistics solutions (pallets, crates and containers), due mainly to the hygiene conditions required in the different applicable regulations

    In settings with extremely stringent cleanliness and hygiene requirements, plastic pallets, crates and containers or Pallet Boxes play a major role. All these elements can be washed after each use, and do not become penetrated by liquids or elements during the production process, ensuring ideal hygiene and cleanliness conditions.

    Plastic crate for meat processing1.jpg

    On most occasions, meat and poultry handling takes place using standardised size plastic crates, produced in a raw material that is certified for food use. These crates are secondary packaging and come into direct contact with the food, meaning they require correct cleaning each time they are used for the next use.

    Plastic Pallets for the meat industry


    The filled crates are handled, stored and transported on mostly plastic pallets. Within the meat and poultry industry, different types of pallets are used depending on the needs within the logistics chain at all times.

    Our plastic pallets are produced using virgin polyethylene material (HDPE), suitable for cold and freezing temperatures. Its design is static, meaning it does not accumulate liquids or other substances, thereby reducing any possible focal points for bacteria or parasites.

    More plastic solutions for Poultry slaughtering 



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