Durable Plastic solutions for Moving and Storage

    Reusable Transport Packaging provides a wide array of packaging solutions to the moving and storage industries. Above all else, what we provide is peace of mind. Traditional wood and cardboard packaging is vulnerable to rot, decomposition, moisture, pests, and many other threats. Our plastic crate, box , containers, bins and plastic pallet help ensure the longevity of your storage and the security of your contents.

    Plastic crate 

    Our plastic crates and boxes were developed for food industry, such as for agricultural sector, meat and poultry sector. But also have many applications for transport and storage, It also widely used for logistics and other light industrial production industries. 

    For your fresh products, we offer transport boxes and crates produced from food-safe materials. These transport boxes can be manufactured in any colour with your logo, allowing you to discern yourself from your competitors! With a folding crate or nesting pivoting stackable crates, you can save significant costs on return transport and storage.


    Plastic pallet


    Plastic pallets are durable for superior performance in warehouse racking systems, as well as stack loading, closed loop transport, floor storage, and automated material handling applications. Manufactured from HDPE plastics, these rackable pallets feature a picture frame bottom with runners on all four sides for added stability.  Rackable plastic pallets allow for products to be stored above, ultimately saving valuable floor space in warehouses and distribution centers. Perfect for mass transport and storage needs, where vertical racking, warehousing, and optimal space efficiency are a must.

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