BYPC's reusable plastic pallets can be used to transport and store your products within your facility and/or to transport them between different facilities. The introduction and use of reusable plastic pallets into your material handling system greatly reduces the amount of waste your company produces. This saves you money and helps the environment!
We offer a diverse range of pallets, from export to rackable, stackable, and nestable, ensuring the ideal solution for every requirement. Each pallet is crafted from premium materials, designed to endure heavy loads.
  • Stackable Pallets
    Stackable Pallets

    These are a great space-saving pallet for use within warehouses or when transporting goods. They have a bottom, so can be stacked on top of one another when full without causing damage to the products. Stackable plastic pallets stand out for their lightweight design, ease of stacking, environmental sustainability, and hygienic benefits.

  • Rackable Pallets
    Rackable Pallets

    This is the strongest type of plastic pallet available. They feature a bottom with either runners or a picture-frame design, enabling them to carry heavy loads. Due to their increased weight and inside steel bar they’re much stronger than other versions. The design of this pallet enables it to fit well on top of a rack.

  • Nestable Pallets
    Nestable Pallets

    Nestable plastic pallets are extremely useful within the distribution industry. They take up much less space when empty than other types of pallets, as the legs go inside each other. This makes them far easier to transport on the return leg and each truck can fit more of the pallets on, lowering costs. When they’re stored in a warehouse, they use only a quarter of the space of other pallets. As well as being a space-saving pallet, they’re also cheaper than stackable pallets.

  • Export Pallets
    Export Pallets

    This cost-effective pallet is designed specifically for the export market. These Pallets are available in both stackable and nestable versions and can take a variety of different weights. They’re used for one-way shipping and are manufactured to meet the main size used in Europe and US. These pallets are produced from recycled materials, making them environmentally friendly as well as great value.

  • Solid Deck pallets
    Solid Deck pallets

    The top of these pallets is made from solid plastic, making it a strong and durable option. It can be manufactured in a number of different versions, including pallets with reinforcement bars or perimeter lips, to help with safe handling and storage. As the top of the pallet is solid and smooth, they are far easier to clean than other models. This makes them ideal for applications where hygiene is of paramount importance.

  • Blow molding plastic pallet
    Blow molding plastic pallet

    Blow molded plastic pallets contain a unique manufacturing process, using air pressure to inflate the plastic into its mold cavity. Blow molded plastic pallets are able to maintain their structure due to the integrity and strength of their structure. These pallets are able to withstand rough randling, rolling or throwing, due to their impact strength being almost twice as strong as injection molded pallets. These types of pallets show very little damage when being hit by a forklift at the wrong angle during loading and off loading. As well as this, blow molded plastic pallets also show very little wear and tear after long durations of use.

  • With so many different types of plastic pallet available, it’s important that you consider how you’re going to use it. To dispel any myths about plastic pallets and ensure you make an informed decision, our plastic pallet specialists are at your service. Whether you’re after standard sizes or need customization, we’ve got a pallet to fit your operations. Lean on our experienced team for guidance on the optimal pallet for your needs.


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