Plastic Soap drying tray: an innovative and sustainable solution for soap drying.

    Both cold-process and hot-process soap need to wait for curing to allow this excess water to evaporate out. The drying system used affects the physical properties of the dried soap. This can take 4-6 weeks and BYPC soap drying trays effectively speed up the process.

    After the soap is made, it takes about 24 to 48 hours until it is un-molded and cut.

    Once the bars are un-moulded, sliced and set on the shelves (racks), the curing period starts. 

    The place where the soap is cured needs to be an airy, out of direct sunlight, and a dark place. These conditions will also help to preserve the scent. Sometimes, if soap manufacturer makes more soaps and do not have enough room for them, they use stackable metal racks or wooden racks.


    But metal racks usually require special customization and are more expensive. A fixed structure cannot save space. The closed metal tray reduces the bottom ventilation of the soap, and the soap easily sticks to the metal tray, making it difficult to clean.

    Wooden racks, while inexpensive, are not a good choice for accelerated ventilation. Curing lets the water content of the soap evaporate out .Evaporated water vapor is easily absorbed by wooden racks. It could spell disaster humid environment that excess moisture could cause your bars to get Dreaded Orange Spot. The spots can get icky and have an unpleasant odor and are an indication that the soap has gone rancid.

    However, BYPC plastic soap drying trays, perfectly solved these issues. Plastic has its own characteristics that set it apart from other materials.


    1. Plastic drying tray is far lower in cost than metal and wooden racks,This will help the company save a lot of costs.

    2. Plastic material does not suffer from corrosion or oxidation, so it does not cause soap deterioration.

    3. Fully Stackable Drying, Space saving, The stacking height can reach 6feet or even higher.

    4. Speed up Soap Curing Time, Exclusive slot vent design can cut drying time up to 25% or more. Designed to speed up soap curing by increasing airflow between your bars.

    5. Virgin material HDPE,Easy to clean with high-pressure water, built to last .

    6. Durable, Broad temperature tolerance and exceptional dimensional stability.

    7. High loading -weight capacity. The average 3.5 to 4 oz. (100g to 120g) bar size can stack about 100 to a tray (up to about 25 lbs,11.4 kg).


    Support matching cart customization services:

    1. Based on customer requirements and usage, we will recommend moving cart designs, such as single stack carts, double stack carts, and hand carts

    2. Based on different load-bearing capacity and budgets of customers, different structural designs and materials will be recommended.

    3. Both standard moving carts and higher grade cart types can be provided.

    Available material include plastic, galvanized iron, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel.

    Different metal profiles such as round tube, square tube, angle

    Different casters meet the requirements of high load-bearing, silent, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, etc.


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