Plastics poultry products: an innovative and sustainable solution for poultry farming

    A relevant sector for the poultry industry are the companies that produce equipment and installations for poultry farms. BYPC Plastic has been a leader for more than 27 years in the development and implementation of these sustainable and efficient solutions.

    To meet the best standards of hygiene, strength, cost, ease of use and accessibility, plastic has been used as a raw material. This material is suitable for use in poultry farming due to its versatility.

    Plastic has its own characteristics that set it apart from other materials. On the one hand, plastic equipment does not suffer from corrosion or oxidation, so it does not cause animal diseases or deterioration. On the other hand, the modern designs allow easy assembly and disassembly of the installations, since they are delivered in disassembled modules, as well as their adaptability according to the species of poultry or production stage.

    The global poultry industry is growing steadily, However, this growth poses new challenges to poultry farms in terms of poultry management and good use of equipment and facilities.

    For this reason, BYPC Plastic has developed a range of products that are ideal for use on farms.

    Plastic solutions for poultry farming ( from breeding to transportation )

    Common Plastic Poultry Farming Equipment and Their Uses

    Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

    The regular supply of feed and water to birds is a very important factor that determines their level of production. The system of production also affects the type of feeding and drinking equipment a farmer will go for. There are various types of feeders and drinkers, some are hangable while some are automatic. 

    · Poultry Feeders are containers from which poultry birds feed. They hold the feed of the chickens and provide a secure environment for them to eat without wastage. 

    · Poultry Drinkers are designed to assist and provide the poultry birds with clean drinking water.

    · Bell Drinkers are used in supplying water sufficiently to poultry birds groomed with the deep litter system- from day-old chicks to matured chickens. 


    Plastic Slatted Floor Systems In Poultry Farming

    Slatted floors have shown to be a useful flooring solution for poultry houses, providing many advantages to both poultry farmers and the animals.

    Plastic slats are a prevalent choice for poultry cultivating due to their toughness, ease of cleaning, and cost-effectiveness. They are regularly made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP), which offer amazing resistance to erosion, chemicals, and the cruel conditions of poultry houses. Plastic supports are lightweight, making them less demanding to handle amid establishment and upkeep. They too give great warm separator and offer a comfortable surface for the birds.

    Plastic slat floor Advantages

    Efficient waste management and improved hygiene within the poultry house:

    Slatted floor systems allow for the effective removal of waste, preventing direct contact between birds and waste materials. This minimizes the build-up of organic matter, reduces the risk of bacterial contamination, and promotes a cleaner and healthier environment for the birds.

    Better air quality and reduced ammonia levels, enhancing the respiratory health of the birds:

    By separating the birds from their waste, slatted floor systems help maintain healthier air quality within the poultry house. This reduces the concentration of ammonia, which can negatively impact the birds' respiratory health. Improved air quality contributes to better overall welfare and performance.


    Poultry Transport Crates

    Poultry drawers and crates are used to transport live poultry from one place to another, whether within the farm or on the move to a slaughterhouse, market or other facility. They provide a specific space where poultry can be safely placed to avoid injury and stress during transport.


    Chicks Transport boxes 

    Transporting chicks requires great care and proper handling to avoid injury or trauma. For this reason, plastic boxes are available that are designed exclusively for the poultry at this stage to ensure comfort during handling or transport.


    Plastic solutions for egg handling

    Plastic egg crate

    Egg crates are peculiar to layers and they are useful for the purpose of transferring and storing eggs from poultry.


    Plastic egg tray:

    This plastic tray contains 30 standard chicken eggs. It can be used to clean, disinfect, store, transport and also incubate eggs. The cone-shaped cells contain several openings that allow air or water to circulate, and can be stacked.


    More products for poultry farming


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