BYPC Plastic Slat flooring is manufactured of high quality 100% virgin plastic materials produced in China.

    They can be used to replace wood slats in both Layer and Breeder Houses. They offer a longer life than other slats.

    What is chicken plastic slat floor

     - Chicken plastic Slat floor is designed to replace wood and wire slats in poultry houses, because it’s very durable, cost effective, bacteria resistant and long-lasting. The plastic slatted flooring system creates the proper environment for your birds to develop to their genetic potential for outstanding production.

     - The chicken plastic slat floor ideal for many types of birds poultry including layer chicken, broilers, chicks, ducks, geese, etc.

     - There are several options of different plastic slat sizes and hole sizes.

     - Please tell us the size and quantity you need.

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     ● Chicken plastic slat floor is a flat plastic panel made of pure PP (polypropylene) material with certain sizes of  holes for manure filtration.

     ● The slat floor is made in 1 piece by plastic injection molding machine, so the surface is totally burr-free to prevent feet injury to the birds.

     ● Chicken plastic slat flooring system is a whole breeding system for poultry that involves the floors and support beams, feeding system, drinking system, environment system.

     ● Please be kindly noted that BYPC only supply the slat floors. We are not a turnkey project service provider.

     ● Chicken plastic slat looring is constructed of pure PP (polypropylene), which is more durable, more impact resistant and corrosion-resistant than any other material,

    and does not absorb body heat from birds so it can help to improve production rates. The plastic slats are easy to power wash clean with the manure filtration. 



    Chicken plastic slat floor sizes

    There are 2 regular sizes of chicken plastic slat floors:

      - 120*50 cm: hole size 1.5*1.8 cm, 2*2.4 cm

      - 100*50 cm: hole size 4.3*1.7 cm



    What are the benefits of using chicken plastic slat floors

     1. Easy to install. The plastic slat floors don’t need any screws to install, the overlapping design and interlock system allows the slat floors to be installed on steel bars or fiber glass beams very easily.


          Install the floors on fiber-glass beams                   Install the floors on steel bars         

    2. Provide clean environment for the birds.

    Chicken plastic slat floor has a smooth, non-porous surface which makes the floors easy to clean and disinfect. The well designed holes permit excellent manure filtration with minimum buildup so that the bird living environment is guaranteed to be clean and sanitary. What’s more, eggs laid on square openings are significantly cleaner than eggs laid on wooden slats.

    3.Reduce foot problems.
    Unlike wooden floors and wire mesh floors, there are minimum problems with bumble foot on the plastic slat floors, because they are well produced by plastic injection molding machine.

    4. Reduce breast blistering and slivers.
    Chicken plastic slat floor is non-corrosive and will not harbor bacteria, rot, rust, or absorb water like wooden slats. The flooring has a smooth, non-porous surface that provides a stable, comfortable platform for birds. Unlike wood floors, the birds are protected from breast blisters, leg problems, slivers, foot pad and hock injuries.

    5. Efficiency.
    Neutral polypropylene does not absorb body heat from the birds. Improved production rates mean faster weight gains with better feed conversions.

    How to install chicken plastic slat floor

    The installation method of chicken plastic slat floor is diverse and super easy, no screws needed. The floors can be installed by the following methods.

    Install the chicken plastic slat floor on RFP beams and plastic support legs




    Install the plastic slats on RFP beams, beams on pre-built concrete channels



    Install the plalstic slatted floors on L shape steel bars, the steel bars are placed on wooden frames or concrete channels



    Install chicken plastic slat floors on RFP beams, beams on pre-built steel frame


    Where and how to buy plastic slat floors

    BYPC Plastic is the professional manufacturer and supplier of plastic slatted floorings for poultry birds. If you are in need of it, simply contact us by the following contacting methods, and tell us your requirement in details, including

    1. The plastic slats size

    2. The manure filtration hole size

    3. The quantity

    4. The nearest seaport to you

    5. Your preferred terms: would you like us to quote price FOB or CIF.

    The lead time is different according to order quantities, usually in 7 working days.

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