600x500x173mm Chill Crate

Product Description: 


Capacity: 40-50 lb

Size :24" x 20" x 6 7/8"

Weight: 2.4kg


Product Introduction

More Features: 

  ● Molded Hand Holds and Weather proof bale bars Means Easy-Lifting

  ● Cross Nesting and Stackable

  ● Ideal for High-Moisture Environments

  ● No Rough Texture Means Easy Cleaning

  ● Dollies available to easily transport these to and from the cooler/freezer!

This chill crate is designed for counter ready meat and poultry. It has durable construction combined with high load capacity bale bars to make this ventilated container the choice of the meat and poultry industry. Save time and cost by getting your product colder faster with Chill Crate! The open weave design allows more air flow to come into contact with your product getting them colder, faster. These Chill Trays are stackable and cross-nestable for improved space saving ability. The reinforced sides and bottom prevent flexing making sure that even when the Chill Trays are already cold, they won’t bend or break with loads up to 50 lb.

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