630x400x220mm meat lug with lid

Product Description:

Ensure that your raw meat or other foodservice products are properly organized and stored .

Material: HDPE

Size:630*400*220 mm

Weight:1.6kg-lug / 0.8kg-lid

Type: Solid

20GP:  1600 sets

Product Introduction

More Features: 

  ● Cross stack & Nest design, helps for space saving

  ● Built-in handles ensure easy transport

  ● Virgin material HDPE, heavy duty

  ● Solid base and sides allow you to fully enclose and protect contents

  ● Additionally, its smooth interior surface and wide corner radius enable fast, easy cleanup!

The plastic meat lug is ideal for  processes  and  distribution in the food industry . Made with  food grade material . Ideal using for frozen storage


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