600x400x310mm crate, all solid

Product Description:

Material: 100% HDPE

Size:600*400*310 mm


Type: Solid

20GP:  1900 pcs

40HQ: 4600 pcs

Product Introduction

More Features: 

  ● Stackable &Nestable design, helps for space saving

  ● Built-in handles ensure easy transport

  ● Virgin material HDPE, heavy duty

  ● Solid base and sides allow you to fully enclose and protect contents

  ● Boasts smooth surfaces for easy cleaning

Featuring a dependable high density polyethylene construction, this item is designed for everyday use in high-volume environments. Ideal for use in butcher shops, grocery stores, or restaurants, this item offers a versatile temperature range that's ideal for a variety of applications. It can be used to hold bags of fresh produce in your deli shop refrigerator or to keep containers of processed beef, pork, or chicken organized in your large industrial freezer.

The plastic meat crate is ideal for  processes  and  distribution in the food industry . Made with  food grade material . Ideal using for frozen storage. 

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